If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that having the skills to innovate is extremely important in the 21st century. But, what you might not know is how Trendspotting and analysis fits into this picture. You would even be forgiven for thinking that trends are only for fashionistas and foodies. But the reality is, if you’re running or working in a business or organisation that wants to stay at the top of its game, then knowing how to spot, use and manipulate trends is increasingly important.  


Because whilst the world around us is changing faster than we ever thought possible, the majority of trends that influence and govern change are slow moving and unmissable. In fact, even when they are fleeting, they’re derived from a mega trend that has been slowly coercing our habits and environment for years, if not centuries.

By upskilling your understanding of trends and taking advantage of the information they offer, you open yourself up to all sorts of opportunities.

Here are 5 things you will learn on our Trends Workshop:

1. Learn about the different types of trends and how to spot them.

One of the innovators’ biggest challenges is understanding the scope, speed and potential impact of trends, and knowing when one is a stayer or a fleeting fad.  In this workshop you’ll not only learn what the most significant mega trends are, you will understand how faster moving trends stem from them, as well as the signifiers for spotting them ahead of your competitors.  

2. How trends influence your user.

The next biggest challenge is being able to understand how a trend will influence and impact your customer – and the opportunities this creates. This means being able to observe how trends are impacting consumers, and specifically being able to empathise and predict what behaviours a trend will create in your own end users. Our Trends Workshop explores all this, whilst also giving you practical tools to apply to your own business and end users.  

3. Where to find new trends.

Stimulus and insight are the innovator’s best friend, but knowing where to find good sources of information both in your own industry and in complementary sectors can be challenging without guidance. As experts in future forecasting and trends, we know where all the best places are to gather this type of insight, and will not only share it with you, but train you to find your own industry specific sources.   

4. Which trends are going to impact your business.

Very often we dismiss a trend as not likely to impact upon us, only to realise too late the magnitude of its strength. A great example of this is how the rise of kindles affected the paper milling industry. There are a lot less books in circulation today, than there were 20 years ago, but not every paper mill saw the threat when Amazon launched their kindle. Book stores were obviously threatened, but sometimes you have to look further downstream to understand the true impact of a trend. By the end of this workshop, you will better understand which trends could impact you, both directly and indirectly.

5.  You’ll leave with a process to follow and action.

Theory is interesting, but it doesn’t really crack it in the big wide world of global change and disruption. That’s why all our workshops at G2 Innovation, translate theory into practical tools and processes that everyone can apply to their own work. You’ll leave this workshop with a 5-step process for using trends to innovate. What’s great about this, is very few of your colleagues or competitors will be thinking about trends in the way you will be, so this will be both a great advantage for your future growth and success.

Trends are something tangible that can be mapped and manipulated. They offer great opportunities and insights, but very few have the skills and knowledge to take advantage of them with forethought and clarity. Attend this workshop, and you could be one of them.

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