Design Sprints are like putting your innovation activity on steroids. They are ‘sprints’ after all. Not marathons, not cross-country runs or obstacle courses – sprints! They are structured, short, sharp, focussed and fast-paced sessions designed to solve specific problems or challenges within your organisation.

Design Sprints use the principles of Design Thinking to fast-track the innovation process and answer your critical business questions quickly and effectively. You bring your team and a problem that needs solving within your organisation and we will guide you through tailored, intensive, highly structured innovation sessions that will deliver rapid results.  

We facilitate Design Sprints for clients across multiple industries with diverse challenges.  Our Design Sprints have been used for:

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  • Solving Systemic problems
  • New product and service development
  • Overcoming project roadblocks
  • Exploring new business opportunities
  • Developing new business models
  • Developing fresh ideas for an upcoming marketing campaign
  • Kickstarting a project and enabling progression in slow to move and act teams.
  • Understanding the needs of users and generating solutions that meet those needs.
  • To ignite creativity and generate fresh and focussed activity
  • To fast-track projects with multiple stakeholders.
Design Sprint Training

Design Sprints create time and space, saving you time and money

Efficient and effective, Design Sprints are purpose-designed to deliver impactful results in a very short time-frame.  We work around your time availability. Whilst 3 -5 day Design Sprints reap the most reward, our one-day Design Sprint taster sessions are extremely popular.

G2 Design Sprints are custom designed for your Company to solve your Problems

Every team is different whether that is in terms of the challenge at hand, their skill set or their available time. The power of a G2 Innovation Design Sprint, is that we’ll design your Design Sprint around your organisation, to suit your specific vision, goals, challenges and team structure. We’ll even spend time immersing ourselves in your challenges, so we can offer up new perspectives, insightful stimulus and generate breakthrough discussions.

Putting you at the centre of our Design Sprint strategy allows you to put your user at the centre of yours. Taking a user-centric approach allows you to forego assumptions and explore new opportunities that genuinely connect with user needs.

Design Sprints develop your Design Thinking skills

Because Design Sprints follow the Design Thinking process, albeit in a fast-paced and intensive environment, your team will experience a range of Design Thinking tools and discover their innermost user-centric innovator.

This means engaging in Discovery, Design, Develop and Delivery tools. During the Discovery stage you’ll engage in Persona, Customer Journey and Empathy Mapping, during the Design stage you'll unearth your innermost ideator, during the Develop stage you’ll get hands-on experience with low-fidelity prototyping and during the testing phase, you’ll genuinely test your ideas on the people they will impact the most. This way, you will be able to rapidly review and evaluate the wrinkles that need ironing out, be responsive and improve, improve, improve!

This is all helped along by our expert innovation facilitator who is with you at all times, driving the process, upping the energy and garnering fresh perspectives whenever they're needed.

If your organisation has inadvertently entered a marathon with no finish line in sight or has hit so many roadblocks it feels like an obstacle course, then it’s time to move to the fast lane. A Design Sprint will inject focus, energy and outcomes to your decision-making process.

Would you like to find out more? Download our Guide to Design Sprints here or phone us for a chat: (03) 9020 7341.

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