What is an innovation leader?


Simply put, they are passionate creative leaders with big ideas who see opportunities for change and encourage others to do the same. They foster a culture of innovation, know how to influence employees to produce creative ideas, products and services. (See a list of qualities in our blog post, So, you’re an innovation leader).

Our Leading Innovation Masterclass is designed to support these leaders, to deliver innovation and transformation in their organisation.

Who is it for?

Team leaders, division managers, executive leaders, key contributors, HR and marketing professionals. 

5 Things You’ll Learn in our Leading Innovation Masterclass

  1. How to encourage innovation mindsets

  • How to effectively by guide your team and organisation into the future.

  • Expand your team’s innovation competencies, uncovering tapped sources of business growth.

  • Develop crucial mindsets such as curiosity, creativity and agility.

  • Transform your leaders and your culture while driving real innovation.


2. Powerful case studies, tools, techniques and networking

Our Workshops and tools are highly interactive. Purpose-designed to give participants the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in real-time to their existing challenges. This way, participants create genuine business impact while developing new skills.

Learn from other innovation leaders in attendance, their approaches, practices, mistakes and learnings.

3. How to create an innovation strategy

  • How to drive innovation that aligns with your organisation’s purpose and vision.

  • How to create an innovation portfolio to disperse innovation efforts across incremental, adjacent and radical innovation.

  • How to simply prioritise key actions for advancing innovation and driving growth in your organisation.

4. How to foster a culture of innovation

  • Tap into your own personal potential and those of your team using empathy to identify different types of team members and how to inspire them.

  • Create and sustain a focus where everyone on your team is working towards a common goal of innovation.

  • Cultivate balanced risk-taking behaviours.

  • Counteract organisational antibodies that are resistant to change.

  • Learn the importance of psychological safety and practical ways to instil it.

  • Learn techniques to gain buy-in for innovation from the bottom to the top.

5. How to de-risk innovation

  • Identify emerging macro and micro trends in your sector.

  • Use these trends to map opportunities and threats.

  • Define strategies for pursuing and uncovering new opportunities.  

  • Practise hands-on methods for de-risking innovation.

As with all great leaders, successful innovation leaders understand that they are always learning, relearning or unlearning. Upskil and hone your innovation leadership skills and join us on an action-packed day with your peers.

Next Leading Innovation Workshop Melbourne - Tuesday, 10 September.

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