Design Sprints

When an organisation has a specific problem, the outside perspective of an expert who knows how to drive innovative thinking and employ Design Thinking practises can help to stimulate ideas and achieve significant progress, fast and effectively. 

That's why we deliver facilitated Design Sprints and Idea Jams for teams looking to solve specific challenges, develop new ideas, or overcome roadblocks in an existing project. 

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Offered on-site at your own premises, in our purpose-designed innovation space near Melbourne or at another venue of your choosing, these events typically occur over one day or three to five days.

During each Sprint we take you systematically through G2 Innovation's Design Thinking toolset to enable you to see your problems from new perspectives, generate ideas that are grounded in genuine insight and then rapidly progress your challenges through simple yet powerful prototyping, and testing exercises. 

And, because every one of our facilitators is an innovation trainer and mentor, we also ensure that you learn new skills and increase your innovation capability. 

Who are DESIGN SPRINTS ideal for?

Design Sprints are not just for developing digital products. They are also fantastic for solving complex organisational and business challenges, especially those with multiple stakeholders.

G2 Innovation have delivered Design Sprints and Idea Jams for Councils, Government Departments, UI and UX teams, Manufacturers and FMCG groups.

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If you need to solve a challenge or overcome roadblocks efficiently and effectively, then these events are a great way to achieve impactful results in a very short time-frame.

The IdeaS Jam

An Ideas Jam gives your team a burst of dynamic thinking and creativity as well as new and enhanced perspectives on your challenges. Idea Jams focus on framing the problem to be solved and generating break-through ideas. You will finish your half or full day session armed with powerful insights into your users and your problem, a range of new ideas and the process and motivation to keep moving forward.


The most popular of our Design Sprint events, our taster sessions are designed to train your team in the skills required to run their own Design Sprints, whilst also achieving palpable progress on their project or challenge. By providing shorter turn-arounds and enforcing quick thinking, you not only have the opportunity to see rapid progress on your projects, you also learn to apply a range of tools and best-practise Design Thinking methodologies.  

The three to five day Design Sprint...

Our multi-day Design Sprints take place over 3-5 consecutive days with the actual length determined by your needs and available time. These events cover each stage of the Design Thinking process in depth and detail. At the end of a multi-day sprint, your team will have the kind of tangible and tested results that in normal business circumstances would usually take months to achieve.  

Design Sprint Melbourne

During your event, your team will participate in:

  1. Immersion and discovery

  2. Framing the problem to solve

  3. Generating ideas for solving the problem

  4. Selecting the ideas to move forward

  5. Creating prototypes

  6. Testing prototypes with users

  7. Analysing the test findings

What we provide...

In addition to providing a facilitator who is an expert in Design Thinking, trends and co-creative innovation, prior to your sprint we will immerse ourselves in your industry and your problem, ensuring that we are ready to tackle the complexity of your challenge and offer up new perspectives. We'll then combine our knowledge and expertise with yours, to generate and develop robust, exciting and informed solutions.   

Whatever your challenge is, we're ready and waiting to help you solve it. 

Some of the amazing clients who’ve achieved rapid results with a G2 Innovation design sprint:

Our Design Sprints can be tailored to meet your organisation's needs, so please get in touch using the form below or by phoning (03) 9020 7341. 

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