Innovation Strategy, Mastery and Delivery (3 day course)

We talk about strategy a lot in business. There’s a growth strategy, a marketing strategy, an HR and finance strategy, but who can put their hand up and say they have an Innovation Strategy?

Your Innovation Strategy is your plan of action.  It should reflect your organisational purpose and balance your resources, skills, risk tolerance, needs and desires to create a company-wide vision for innovation that is both audacious in ambition and realistic enough to be executed. It should also feature a portfolio of incremental, adjacent and radical ideas with a ratio that is tailored and optimised to your organisation. Above all else, your Innovation Strategy needs to be approached with an awareness that even once committed to paper, it must be fluid and flexible enough to respond to changing marketplaces, trends and business landscapes. 

Innovation workshops

It is also imperative to recognise that your Innovation Strategy will be redundant unless you and the people on your team are motivated to make it happen. To ensure this, you must both understand the 'why' behind the strategy and have the necessary skills to take innovation forward. Only then will you and your team be pro-active and confident in pursuit of fulfilling the end goals. That's why Mastery of innovation skills and innovation processes is crucial to your Innovation Strategy.   

Finally, as a leader you need to have in your armoury some tried and tested tools for sharing and embedding your strategy. This is all about building a culture of innovation, where people don't fear innovation but thrive upon it. That is when Delivery of the strategy will come into it's own and will be led not by one person on an uphill climb, but collaboratively by the entire organisation. 

This 3 day course explores the what, why and how of developing a robust, purpose driven innovation strategy. It provides attendees with the tools and techniques to master and lead innovation within their organisations, and to design and deliver a sustainable culture of innovation that will support the strategy's implementation. 

Key features of the course include:

Innovation STRATEGY

  • What influences an innovation strategy? Understanding internal and external influences and how to future proof your strategy.

  • Understanding your core purpose and how innovation fits within it.

  • Recognising your organisational innovation goals and limitations. Are you playing to win? Or playing not lose?

  • What is an Innovation Portfolio and how to develop your optimum ratio of incremental, adjacent and radical innovation activities.

  • Creating an innovation strategy that incorporates all areas of your business - not just products and services.


  • Learn and embrace best practise innovation tools that can give you and your team the skills and motivation to deliver the strategy. These include tools for trend analysis and future forecasting, human-centred design, ideation and low-fidelity prototyping methodologies.


  • Learn the core principles behind achieving a Culture of Innovation.

  • Gain simple tools to make innovation accessible across an organisation.

  • Learn how to influence and encourage the first followers of your innovation strategy.

  • Learn methods for measuring innovation.

The Fundamentals

  • The course is led by innovation expert and G2 Innovation Co-Founder, Andrew Jones. More information on Andrew can be found here.

  • Courses take place at G2 Innovation headquarters or at your preferred location.

  • 6 months access to the innovation tools used online.

  • High quality printed materials provided.

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