Well organised, clearly delivered, all encompassing and valuable to what we are currently doing. The course was very interesting and had clear activities and outcomes.
— Bronwyn Sharples, TasWater
This workshop tells the tale of where we want to go, why to do it and how we do it.
— Giovanni Abelardo - The Ascott
Engaging, interesting, collaborative. The workshop was practical and relevant to my job now and with a future focus.
— Dwight Bonney, NDIA


  • your organisation is struggling to keep up in our rapidly changing world...

  • you have a strategy that's not delivering innovation and growth as fast or effectively as you'd planned... 

  • your role encompasses delivering innovation, transformation or change and you want to inject some best-practise innovation methodologies into your work...

  • you know you need an innovation strategy, but don't know where to start...

Then this is the workshop for you!

This workshop is not your everyday strategy class. Yes, you'll learn how important an innovation strategy is to business growth and development and how to create and execute your strategy effectively- but you'll also be inspired by powerful case studies, learn how to drive buy-in and motivation around innovation and move away from creating the bullet-pointed strategies of old, to developing an evolving, real-time, transformational plan that truly reflects what your organisation does, could do and needs to do. 

Innovation Strategy - The One Day Workshop.jpg

You will gain an insight into what it takes to be successful at innovation. You will learn how to use your innovation strategy as a mechanism for adding value, creating value, and generating shared values in your team. 

On a practical level, you will re-discover your organisation’s real purpose (beyond vision and mission statements) and how to align this purpose with innovation goals. You will explore the different levels of innovation, from incremental through to disruptive innovation, and how to tailor a portfolio that features each type of innovation in a ratio optimised to your organisation. And you will learn what's needed for effective execution. 

Innovation Strategy Workshop

The workshop is both informative and hands-on. 

Key features of the workshop include:

  • Understanding internal and external influences to innovation and how to future proof your strategy.

  • Understanding your core purpose and how innovation fits within it.

  • Recognising your organisational innovation goals and limitations. Are you playing to win? Or playing not lose?

  • What is an Innovation Portfolio and how to develop the optimum ratio of innovation activities.

  • Be introduced to the core principles behind achieving a culture of innovation. 

  • Learn how to influence and encourage the first followers of your innovation strategy.

  • Learn what a 21st Century strategy looks like!

  • Receive high quality and engaging course materials with relevant case studies, tools and practical tips.

  • Gain access to online tools.

  • Be trained by G2 Innovation’s Co-Founder, Andrew Jones. Andrew is a globally recognised expert in Innovation and Design Thinking and is passionate about training teams and individuals to be more strategic in their approach to innovation. 

  • A maximum of 8 people per workshop


If you're travelling from interstate, our nearest airport is Avalon Airport. It's only 25 minutes away by uber, taxi or shuttle bus. Tullamarine, Melbourne's International Airport, is about an hour away.

If you're travelling from Melbourne, the train journey from Southern Cross Station to Geelong Station takes about an hour and it's the same duration by car.  We also have free parking!


Phone us on (03) 9020 7341 or email info@g2innovation.com.au


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