innovation and design thinking workshops

G2 Innovation design and deliver a variety of Innovation and Design Thinking Workshops. Our workshops focus on instilling practical innovation skills, solving real problems and implementing tangible change. We offer both public  workshops and bespoke team training sessions. 

A selection of our most popular workshops are listed below. 


This extremely popular workshop provides participants with the fundamentals of Design Thinking, along with a range of take-away tools for practical implementation. Participants learn how to empathise with their users, apply this insight to overcome challenges, generate powerful ideas, and simply and cheaply test those ideas to ensure maximum impact.

At this workshop, you'll not only discover the What and Why of Design Thinking, you'll learn and action the How, ensuring that your experience is both enlightening and constructive.

If you've been looking for a comprehensive, engaging and practical workshop on human-centred design, then this is the workshop for you!

Team training available across Australia.

Next Public Workshops:

HOBART: 27 November 2018

GEELONG: 5 December 2018

MELBOURNE: 31 January 2018

Design Thinking Course

Design Thinking for marketing


This workshop provides marketing professionals with the fundamentals of the Design Thinking process and practical ways to deliver more customer focussed  marketing programs. Participants will learn and practice tools and techniques – Customer Empathy, Persona Creation and Journey Mapping –to uncover next-level understanding of their user needs, wants and desires and then generate ideas to deliver experiences that satisfy them. The workshop also provides fast and inexpensive methods for developing and testing marketing programs to deliver deeper customer engagement and long-term customer value.

Team training available across Australia.

Next Public Workshops:

MELBOURNE: 20 November 2018

Innovation Strategy - The One-Day Workshop

Innovation Strategy Course

This workshop is a great introduction to innovation strategy for those tasked with innovation and business growth in their organisation. The workshop explores why an innovation strategy is essential for business growth and development, what the key features of a successful strategy are and how to encourage buy-in and motivation from internal and external stakeholders to deliver it.

Using a combination of proven research, case studies, tools and techniques, this workshop is full of insight into what it takes to be successful at innovation, as well as the practical tools to make it a reality. 

Team training available across Australia.

Next Public Workshops:


De-Risking Innovation & Prototyping Course


The start-up movement's romanticising of failure may have encouraged a welcome reprisal of entrepreneurial spirit, but it's also leading an increasing number of large and small companies to take more risks in a bid to keep up and create 'the next big thing'.  This workshop shows participants how to use experimentation tools and techniques such as low fidelity prototyping and user testing to dispel assumptions, increase speed and to increase their chances of innovation success.  Whatever your industry, the agile methodology shared during this workshop will significantly increase your ability to successfully innovate.

Empathy Innovation Course


A great follow on from the One-Day Workshop on Design Thinking or as a stand alone event, this workshop is focussed on understanding the role empathy and user understanding plays in generating breakthrough solutions. Participants will be guided through various tools such as Persona Creation, Unbiassed Interviewing,  Empathy Mapping and Customer Journey Mapping. Be prepared to learn more about your customers in one day, than you've discovered all year!   

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In this half-day workshop you will explore how to use innovation tools to build a robust 21st century culture. One that genuinely understands its workforce, has the skills and tools to effectively problem solve, and has the dynamism and motivation to deliver on ideas.

You will also learn how embedding innovation processes into your organisation reduces risk aversion, bureaucracy and helps support staff retention and talent acquisition.

This workshop is ideal for professionals that want to develop, maintain and support an innovative, autonomous and motivated culture.

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