“Our process is good but we want it to be even better”

"We want to be the leaders in our field"

"We've been told we need to embrace Design Thinking, but we don't know where to start"

"We have great people but we struggle to collaborate and innovate effectively"

"How can I impact my employer?"



“We don’t have the resources to be innovative”

“We’re struggling to allocate time to innovation”

“Our ideas never go anywhere”

“We don’t know which ideas to choose or how to develop them”

"How can we identify opportunities for the future?"

Turning challenges into opportunities...

Whilst all of these stories present unique challenges, they all have the same goal at their core. To create opportunities for impact.  Ultimately this means tangible change and growth.  

In order for organisations to achieve this impact, they need a robust innovation strategy, a human-centred innovation process and an in-depth understanding of the trends and market forces pulling their industry.  They also need employees empowered with knowledge and confidence to turn this process, plan and analysis into action. 

Whether it's a workshop,  an innovation training course, an in depth transformation program or a design sprint, our engaging programs are full of powerful insights, up to date case-studies and thought-leading concepts designed to inspire and empower our clients.

Our methodology is practical and hands on. We don't believe in running hypothetical exercises, because your business isn't hypothetical. We work with you on your unique challenges, tailoring our methodology to meet your needs.  


More and more businesses are realising that in order to be competitive, they need to be able to quickly respond to change and opportunities. Our Innovation and Design Thinking training programs promote nimble behaviour by providing people with the mindset, skill-sets and toolsets to consistently deliver outcomes.


We believe that Design Thinking is the most efficient and effective engine to drive innovation. Design Thinking is a human-centred process that encourages organisations to dig deeper, ask the difficult questions, and go beyond the obvious to understand the real challenge to be solved. It is an approach that always puts the user at the centre, ensuring that every activity you undertake adds value, where value matters the most. 

At G2 Innovation, we combine human-centred design practises with our own signature innovation tools and techniques. These include battle-hardened tools for strategy development, insight and stimulus discovery, rapid ideation, low-fidelity prototyping, trend awareness and analysis, business model generation and collaborative value generation.

Most importantly our training is led by energetic and passionate facilitators who are dedicated to increasing capability and delivering results through innovation. 


We talk about strategy a lot in business. There’s a growth strategy, a marketing strategy, an HR and finance strategy, but who can put their hand up and say they have an innovation strategy?


Your innovation strategy is your plan of action. It’s designed to achieve a long-term aim and provide a company-wide vision for innovation, but it also needs to be backed up with realistic goals and objectives including an in-depth understanding of your innovation 'why'. For example, is it playing to win or playing not to lose?

It's also imperative to understand that such ultimate goals will be redundant unless you have people playing on your team that are motivated to achieve them.   

That's why building innovation confidence by developing creativity, embedding knowledge and processes around innovation, and by encouraging a culture that is open to experimentation will reap lucrative rewards in the long run. 

Investing in an innovation strategy and building innovation confidence in your team is guaranteed to make massive inroads in the quest for greater impact.  At G2 Innovation, we work collaboratively with teams to embed best practise innovation into their organisational strategies. We also tailor our strategy services to your needs, so whether you're looking for in-depth training or individual coaching - we will work with you to deliver the best outcomes. 

Watch how we achieved impact for this client...

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