As finalists for the Learning Impact Program of the Year award at this year’s Australian Learning Impact Awards, we were asked what we do to leave a meaningful impression. For us, it’s crucial that what we teach and embed generates impact. Innovation is all about impact after all. 

This is our top ten list for creating learning impact:

1.       Be passionate

Passion can’t be taught but it is infectious. A facilitator who has genuine excitement for the subject matter projects authenticity, authority and confidence. Far better to leave a room of people feeling inspired than schooled.

2.       Live and breathe it

It’s more effective to speak from lived experience than theory. Facilitators need to answer questions from genuine experience, not from theory in a textbook. For example, G2 Innovation’s co-founder and lead facilitator, Andrew Jones, is a trained Design Engineer who has lived and breathed Design Thinking and innovation for 20 years. This type of experience and breadth of knowledge is integral to delivering impact.  

3.       Share real-life stories

As humans we have been conditioned to love, listen to and draw conclusions from stories since were children. That’s because stories resonate. At G2 Innovation, we write and share case studies that will resonate with clients based on their profession, industry or challenge. These relatable examples show theory in action.   

4.       Implementable and proven tools

Introduced throughout training, tools help participants apply learning directly to experience. The tools we use are designed, developed, tested and used by us here at G2. We have a HUGE collection in our toolbox and select them according to the goals of the training and bespoke needs of the client.

5.       Actionable steps

It’s one thing to be inspired on the day of the training but without actionable steps to take back at the workplace, the learning will not have impact. For us, it is imperative the training empowers participants to apply what they learned the moment they are back at the coalface. We also like to follow up with participants and encourage them to let us know if they need a reminder or help with the tools

As the Chinese proverb suggests, ‘Give someone a fish and they eat for a day, teach them how to fish and they will feed for a lifetime.’

6.       Time and Space

For most people, investing in a day of training means being prepared for a backlog of emails, and for that day’s task to mount up for an extra busy tomorrow. We recognise that people are  investing their time in us, so we ensure the training is inspiring and motivating but, most importantly, delivers the desired outcomes.  

We also make sure that our programs give participants the time and space to step outside their day-to-day roles, consider new approaches to their work, develop new ideas and collaborate.

7.       Collaborative learning 

Collaboration is essential for innovation, so we provide plenty of opportunities throughout workshops and training sessions. This time encourages participants to support each other, enhances problem-solving skills, encourages critical thinking, improves social interaction, supports diversity, supports peer-to-peer learning and helps participants engage more in the learning.  

8.       Course materials

No matter how pretty the workbooks or how glossy the pages (ours are really pretty), rebranded or regurgitated theory will see it put in the office drawer never to be retrieved (Nooooooooooooooooo!). Our course materials are packed with unique and dynamic content that connects with our participants, supports the training and caters to different learning styles.

9.       Listening

Asking questions, sharing insights and raising challenges are a part of effective training. Our facilitators are also learning from participants, gathering insights and improving the training to suit, both during the session and for future sessions. We take evaluations from every training session and use the feedback to model future sessions.

10.   Tailored team training

Participants might only spend one day with our facilitator, but we have been considering them in our research and planning leading up to the session. We are meticulous researchers who make it our business to understanding the industry, the roles and the challenges participants face so we can tailor the training to meet specific needs.

ILP Awards.jpeg

While we didn’t bring home the trophy at this year’s awards, we had a fantastic night and it’s an honour to be a finalist in a year of record breaking nominations.

Want to experience learning with impact? Take a look at our range of public workshops, team training services and bespoke transformation programs.

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