It’s an interesting concept to think of ‘the future world of work’, as if it’s a destination we will arrive at one day. The truth is, the world of work is dynamic, in constant transition, just as it has been since time began. It’s not something imposed on us that we must prepare for, it’s change that is driven by the behaviours of the people within it, including you.

What’s driving the change in workplace:

  • A massive influx of millennials entering the workplace (50% of the workforce by 2020, 75% by 2025) making them the largest generation to enter the workplace in history.

  • This group are digital natives and approach work differently, they are driving the era of the employee experience and will reshape the workplace.

  • Multi-generational workforce – there are 5 generations in the workplace for the first time.

As a people-driven revolution, many of the skills to ensure your survival in the future world of work are human-centred, skills that can’t be automated by machines such as imagination, planning, and creativity.


8 skills to help you thrive in the future of work

Future of work skills

1 Agility

  • As the one constant is change, adapting quickly to an ever-changing environment is vital. 

  • The ability to generate out-of-the-box solutions to complex challenges.

  • Rapid adoption of new skills.

  • The ability to critically use data for effective decision-making.

    2 Growth Mindset

  • Continuous learning - always willing to grow, learn, unlearn and relearn.

  • Take on challenges, learn from mistakes and actively seek new knowledge.  

    3 Cross-cultural and generational collaboration

    The workplace is becoming more culturally diverse and multi-generational than ever before.

  • We need to increase our cross-cultural communication skills, whether it’s accepting and learning different ways of communicating, slowing down speech to accommodate non-native speakers or adapting to a variety of communication types, verbal, visual and digital.

    4 Patience and compassion

  • The ability to collaborate effectively with different cultures and generations also requires patience and compassion. Whether a colleague with English as a second language, a Baby Boomer adapting to a new system, or a Millennial frustrated with a process, change takes time and compassion for others they learn is vital for workplace culture.

  • Showing compassion and patience to ourselves is also increasingly important. Our well-being is deeply connected to our ability to achieve goals, but the more challenging the goal, the more delayed the gratification can be. Be willing to accept your own pace of learning.

    5 Innovative Leadership

  • Mentor, motivate and develop innovation skills in colleagues and employees. This includes developing creativity skills and providing opportunities for colleagues to ‘play’ about with their ideas and experiment.

  • Using data and insights to drive strategic thinking.

  • Look at our infographic: 10 Qualities of an Innovative Leader.

    6 Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Empathy, curiosity, integrity and the ability to work well with others. 

  • Ability to unlearn your own behaviours and ingrained attitudes.

  • Ability to control and express your emotions - especially vulnerability.  

    7 Design Thinking Mindset

  • Human-centred - Understands the customer’s needs, especially those unmet or unarticulated.

  • Looks for the root cause of problems before searching for the solution.

  • Draws on logic, intuition, imagination and systemic reasoning.

  • Continuously innovates.

8 Interdisciplinary skills 

  • Deep knowledge of a specific field, with enough knowledge across multiple disciplines (T-shaped skills).  

  • Learning from other’s skills to understand different perspectives and communicate more effectively. 

It may feel overwhelming, but remember we are learning machines that can upskill, and to thrive, we must.

We’re here to help. At G2 Innovation we support individuals and teams to develop the skills of the future. We do this through Design Thinking workshops, people transformation programs and by leading teams through specific challenges such as developing new products, services and experiences.

Need some help? We’d love to hear from you. Phone: (03) 9020 7341 or email

Find out more about our programs here…

Find out more about our programs here…

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